VR Optimization

My friends :bear:
So I have stuck on my project for some days because of my FPS at one of the map.
I have turned all suggest project settings for VR project (UE official documentations and a LOT Youtube :joy:)
But still can’t get right FPS “90” at this map, but the hardware performance isn’t so bad .

In some other points I can reach 90fps but when you want to go “in to the forest” it hit max 45fps.
Lights Movable/Detail-Hight

Btw my PC Spec is : I5-8600 , GTX-1080 Ti, DDR4 16Gb and i am using Oculus Rift CV1.

But the most interesting thing is when it doesn’t matter if the
lighting is Static or Dynamic (movable) the FPS isn’t getting better, only just GPU/CPU performance changes (and still it is good).

Lights Static/Detail-Cinematic

Lights Movable/Detail-Low

This is all my light source, what i use at this scene.

This is how looks GPU profile and the scene were fps drop to 45 .

After lighting change or settings.
I always fully Build lighting and all levels in scene.

Next my idea is trying to optimize LODs on the meshes will see how it goes.

So if anyone can suggest what I can do to optimize my VR project, I’d love to hear it.

Please guys write it down here :raccoon:

And thanks in advance :innocent: