VR Open World Multiplayer Survival/Crafting Game

Here is my first Dev Log for an upcoming VR multiplayer survival/crafting game with vehicles…


Would love to hear any and all comments!

Hi grizly32,

I agree, that Zombies/Zombie-likes are literally getting played out, but, I still enjoy dismembering, burning, freezing, electrocuting, melting, fragmenting hordes of them. A few years back I had plans to develop a Fan-based Survival Horror based on Stephen King’s The MIST. In my opinion, the concept in that story is ideal for a Open World Survival/Crafting Game which I might pursue after developing my First Person Dungeon Crawl.

I’m curious if you’re aiming for VR only experience?

I really like your driving mechanics, the steering looks fluid and fun, nice to see motion controller direct input for that finally.

I had thoughts of a system allowing players to sit on the floor in order to “enter” a vehicle to remove the need for props but I guess that wouldn’t work for everyone. A “tracked” chair is the first obvious solution but requiring props that may move or be in the way of normal gameplay (wall to wall tracked space) isn’t ideal.

Another alternative would be standing driving, but I haven’t had time to try any of it yet.

Good luck, I like your progress.

Yeah, I still really love zombie games too! Still undecided as to the story direction thus far…decided to work on core game mechanics first.

I am making this exclusively for VR. The way the game will play won’t really translate to a non-VR experience…

Your Dungeon Crawl looks really cool by the way!

Thanks! I am using your awesome VR Expansion plugin for the walk around character. It really helped me with some multiplayer issues I was having so thanks for making it! :slight_smile:

I tried the standing-in-place type of driving and it was really non-immersive. Using the chair was 100% better. Even with the smallest play space and the chair actually in the space it is still so much fun to get in and out of the vehicle I feel that it is worth it.

I imagine most people have a play space where there is a small out of the way spot at the edge to put a small chair. Also, I have it set up so that if the chair gets bumped or moved you can track it again easily in game…however, in all my testing to date I have never had to re-track the chair.

Thanks again for your great work on that vr expansion plugin and for your comments! Would love to hear any and all input moving forward! :slight_smile:

I was afraid you were going to say VR Only:frowning:

this is the game i neeeeeed, an interactive survival game in vr thats multiplayer???

sooooo many questions

will it run well? will it have any lore? how many people are working on this? Do you need funding?

minor questions

is there a pool of themes you are thinking of or do you not have any idea thus far? building and what not, are we talking about minor or major building? obviously as early its a little dumb to ask, but is there any sort of goal release date? do you need any help as far as producing, marketing, or lore making (best ways I can personally help, just sayin XP)?

all the best~

That bit with driving a car is awesome, especially love the ingenious solution to ‘get in the car’ problem :slight_smile:

This is some awesome work, i look forward to seeing more of this and how you integrate features.

Hey TaskuOkami!

I will definitely make sure it runs well. :wink:

I do plan to have a full backstory to the game…haven’t completely fleshed it all out yet, but I will be laying out my plans in weekly Devlogs and absolutely want to hear what everyone thinks about the direction of the game.

At the moment it is just me working on this and yes, I do plan on trying to get some funding. I hope to release a Kickstarter once I get a bit more developing and artwork done.

I have a couple of ideas for themes…currently leaning towards a type of “Falling Skies” environment. If you haven’t seen that show it is about aliens invading and pretty much taking over. Humans are left to hide and fight in resistance.

Perhaps the aliens have captured large amounts of humans, mutated them in some way, and then released back into the world to act as enslaved soldiers tasked with hunting down what remains of humanity…

It is all just ideas though at the moment. I have some core gameplay elements I would like to get working first that would fit into pretty much any survival/crafting type of story, but would love to hear any and all ideas the community has on themes! :slight_smile:

Thanks! It is really a lot of fun to be able to get in and out of vehicles in VR. I plan on testing out a helicopter next :slight_smile:

Thanks zlafterlife! I should be releasing a new Devlog vid by Friday (12/16/2016) showing some more features! :slight_smile:

Hi grizly32, I would encourage some form of Non-VR support is incorporated to reach the largest market. Could probably come handy development assistance and testing, and help players transition into VR to experience the game in a different way. I have to admit the Vehicle/Seating concept is innovative, a sort of Tactile Augmentation to the VR with functional real-world props. The technique may applicable to other objects. I can visualize Human Proper arrangers setting props for VR users. This may very become a form of entertainment in itself.

The Alien Invasion plot is a great pick and its one I would choose as well. It has so much more potential and allows for a decent blending of modern and sci-fi, opening the door for Humans to get their hands on some improvised Sci-fi weaponry. Fallen Skies, Battle: Los Angeles, and War of the Worlds are a few Alien Survival Horror that come to mind. Many Survival concepts (no matter theme) have common threads of overwhelming odds, a lurking terror hunting down survivors, scarcity of energy and supplies, and improvisation of weapons and tools.

I was writing a short Interactive Fiction: D Rifters in which a Family attempts to survive the invasion of inter-dimensional beings. These Beings dubbed DRifters use a energy technology that form Titanic Golem Monsters from living/non-living matter in the environment. To make matters worse, humans over exposed to the radiation from the DRifters mutate into zombie-like cannibals. The story had some other plot twists, but overall a similar formula to what you describe.