VR Museum

Rebuilt the whole VR Museum the weekend after GDC in UE4 from UDK

UDK Oculus Rift RC2

UE4 with Light Propagation Volumes GI


UDK Oculus Rift RC2

UE4 with Light Propagation Volumes GI

The team is pushing to make a build of the Museum in Unreal Engine 4 PAX East, its going to be extremely tight.

Looking good.
I’m sure we’re going to see more of this sort of thing in future (VR tours/exploration).

I love this idea, so exciting to see this type of VR content start to make an appearance. Congrats, gunna be awesome when it is finished!

I love the idea and the scale of this! One thing is that the lighting is a little inconsistent. I can’t really tell where the light is coming from (ceiling? are there wall lights?). It’s looking pretty flat at the moment.
I do like the attention to detail though!

That’s really great! But why are you using Light Propagation? I mean, museums don’t look like a place with a lot of dynamic lighting or even actors… Lightmass would bring amazing results for this kind of architecture.

I been just playing around with lighting just seeing what unreal engine 4 can do, I have turned it off for our PAX EAST build.

I am not sure how well I will be able to get the lighting done for in time, I been pretty swamped with backlog of tasks for other project from missing a week from being at GDC.

Pax is over back to the editor to continue working, booth was packed! (line photo below)

awesome work :smiley: