VR Multiplayer MotionController movement

Hello everybody,
unfortunately, I have not been able to create a working VR multiplayer setup for weeks.
As basis, I used the tutorial uploaded by Epic, which shows how to create a ThirdPerson multiplayer mode.

I build up on this setup. However, I only replace the existing third person character entries in the LobbyGM with the MotionControllerPawn of the VR template. The problem that I have from now on is that both, the server and the client have control over both instances. So if I move my hands (the motion controller) on the server I see as a server the same movement in my Mate.
I also see the same on the client’s screen. For example, if you put your hands in the air, I can see exactly the same motion on the opposite player’s side, which is actually the server.

However, neither on the screen of the server nor on the screen of the client, the respective movement of the other is displayed.

I really do not know what to do anymore and I hope you can help me.
I also hope that I have formulated my problem reasonably understandable.

Thanks in advance. I also like to send screenshots if necessary or upload the project file.

Hey did you manage to solve this error ?

Im stuck on the same Problem for some time now.