VR Menu, VR Doors, Lights, Materials, etc for quick archviz project - immediate

Seeking blueprint and 3D widget help in VR environment for Archviz. Nothing out of ordinary. I can facilitate you to get this done on time, since this is overflow work for me.
Deadline is Tuesday this week. Please submit pay expectations, keeping in mind this is sort of a rush job.

VR Menu to switch levels, 2-3 Global material scheme switches, perhaps time of day too if this is all easy.
VR Door open/close - slide, rotate, pull toward (drawer) etc.

Working in 4.19 currently.


Iā€™m eager to know about the opportunity, I think I would be a great candidate for the development for such elements.

Developing UMG elements and timeliness for the translation and rotation for the VR Doors and drawers could be a good solution.

Let me know how i can help, you can pm me or reach me on email.