VR - Locomotion

Hi everyone,

were doing few archiviz vr projects for client and struggling a bit with locomotion models. Right now were using oculus remote for directional movement, but some clients are getting sick. We’ve experimented a bit with teleports between rooms and using roomscale to walk around naturally, but then people would discover they can get thru walls and it ruins the experience for them. Some kind of teleporting would also be possible with Vive controllers (havent tried).

I wanted to ask what are you guys using for locomition, if youre doing VR visualisations.


We’re doing VR arch vis using a Vive. In the past, we used Oculus DK2 with a controller.

First of all, ditch the controller as soon as you can. Joystick movement will make your users very sick very quickly. Teleporting is a much better method. Some common methods are to teleport to predetermined locations or give them something like a laser pointer to select their destination with. In our case, the user uses a Vive controller to pick where they are going.

Don’t take the camera control from the player. I’d recommend that you try out some different VR games to see what other developers are using and what makes you most comfortable.

Hi, there. I’ve been working my way through blueprints for a while, and I’m able to do basic to intermediate stuff with it, but I’ve been stuck trying to create a predetermined-location teleport mode. I simply can’t find documentation about it, and all my attempts have been frustrated. Of course I do not expect you to teach me the details, but can you point me to the right direction, please? I suppose I need to get player location and forward vector to be able to find where he’s looking at, but I can’t really find out how.
Any suggestions, as simple as they might be, would be really appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

I am also very interested in this. I want to use the oculus remote to teleport the same way it works in Farlands. Would be great if someone can point us in the right direction!

No problem! Something worth mentioning is that all of the features I have been able to implement have been results of finding the right questions to ask and the right way to phrase things in Google :slight_smile:

Here’s what we have and how you may want to lay it out. First, cast a raytrace from the controller using the forward vector. On hit, you want to teleport (in the blueprints, the node is literally “teleport”) to that position. BRB taking some screenshots for reference. I can at least point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

This was put together in the Player Character, but I assume that isn’t the correct way to go about it.

EDIT: Actually, here is a walkthrough with some great features Vive + Unreal 4.11 - 4.12.5 Template Walkthrough - YouTube . The teleport mechanic is featured at ~10:00.

Thank you very much. And if I want to use the Oculus Remote to teleport like in farlands? Is there a easy way to use this build for that?

I haven’t tried Farlands, but I imagine you would adopt the same approach. You’ll have to modify your player blueprint to work around the Oculus hardware, of course, but I don’t imagine it would be too difficult.