VR Level won't load from Main Menu after Packaging

Alright, so I have to say I’ve been posting a lot, but everyday it’s a new issue.

Currently, the problem is that my main level won’t load after the main menu after the packaging my APK. It works just fine in the VR preview and most of the time in the launch (but the launch has all sorts of things that go wrong with it that work just fine in the APK).

I’ve followed the instructions from either Oculus or UE to create my menu, it’s a very simple widget with an “enter” and “exit” option. Exit works just fine and quits the game. It seems there is a possibility that Android and the Open Level node don’t get along? I’ve also disabled the auto splash screen in an attempt to fix it, waiting on the results now.

There is nothing in the log to suggest the level can’t be found or anything like that. Previously my problem was that I had accidentally moved the second level and forgot to include it in the package, but I worked that out.

So you’re saying from the log you can see that open level executes and doesn’t complain about anything?

…and the main level (and any sub-levels) are included in the package explicitly?

everything works
// for example

The only issues that appear in the log is during launch (triggered when I try to open the new level) where certain materials won’t load. Nothing appears after packaging of note.

The material errors are in trios. Reading the file, returning an unsolicited file, and then Error: Unable to send.

Both the main menu and the actual gameplay map are included in the package explicitly in the packaging settings.

Thats the thing though is it does seem like its a semi common issue. My blueprints are a lot simpler than this example, but it matches up with documentation about creating a main menu.

unzip your obb file and see what’s inside …