VR Kuyuur - The traditional type of fishing Sakha people. Application for the Museum

Greetings, my name is Sergey Popov.
I am the founder of Exo404 team. I have more than 15 years experience in the game industry. After leaving work in a large casual game development company, I decided to create my own studio. And I called it “Exo404”. I gathered a small team, but powerful! We worked on several game projects, but now I want to tell you more about our recently released product “VR Kuyuur”.
VR Kuyuur is a VR application where the user learns about traditional fishing of Sakha people living in Yakutia.
The application is localized into three languages: English, Russian and Yakutian.

This project was written using blueprints only.

Our team would like to thank Epic Games for their Unreal Engine 4 without which we would not be able to implement our projects. Super graphics, ease of use - EPIC!

Our projects are also made in Unreal Engine 4:
Nightmare Legends: Escape [iOS | Android]
Hotball 3D [iOS | Android]

My team and I are currently working on the mobile adventure game **QuestTale **(temporary title).
An adventure game about friends who get incredible stories.
Genre: Adventure / Quest / Puzzles
Design: Stylized
Status: Prototype

If it is not difficult, I would like to ask you to join our group in Discord.There you will find the build game for android.