VR Integrator Radial and Dockable Menus


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The VR Radial Menu is a Blueprint component that can be added to existing setups or use our provided base template to get off the ground running in VR space. Radial Menus use UMG widgets to populate, so its easy to add any number of slots and styles. Everything is dynamic so you can create sub menus or layered menus and have the component update automatically, just input the list of widgets to display.

The Dockable Menus were inspired by the VR Editor and created for use in Blueprints. The windows are actors that are spawned in the world and are attached to the player. Included is a custom user widget for easy customization of any existing UMG widget. The windows can be dragged or pulled smoothly in the world.

Additionally, you get our Smoothed Laser pointer. We’ve created an adjustable low pass filtering system to control the smoothness of the laser whip. It also comes as Blueprint component for ease of use.

Plus, we have included some examples of movement driven hand animations for more natural feeling hands and haptic feedback controls on everything!