VR Immersive Hands

**VR Immersive Hands **is an optimized and easy to use system that adds immersiveness to VR applications. With this system, you can add animated controllers, animated hands and a realistic grabbing to your VR applications.

**Please have a look at the Roadmap for known bugs and known limitations. **

Available on Marketplace](http://bit.ly/VRIH_Market)


Showcase Video


Demo for PC Oculus HMDs
Demo for Quest
Demo for SteamVR**

Animated Hands and Controllers


HAC is a feature that has been built with optimization in mind from the start. It uses Soft References and BP Interfaces to be as optimized as possible. **So it only loads assets that are relevant. **If your VR application supports multiple headsets, you don’t want Valve Index assets (controller, anims etc.) to be loaded when the headset is Oculus Quest.

  • When used as just a hand, each finger can be blended independently and grabbing system can be used.
  • When used as just a controller, all buttons are animated according to the button press.
  • When used as both, each finger is animated according to button capacitive touch and press.



Hints can be shown on controller buttons and fingers.

  • Hints can be cleared automatically on input or can be cleared manually.
  • Each button and finger can be highlighted.
  • Texts can be shown alongside highlights.
  • Comes with 3 materials out of the box.
  • Can be deeply customized.

Grab System


Grab System has been updated to a modularized component-based system to make integrating to existing projects much easier.

  • Actors can be grabbed from multiple point.
  • Every actor and their grab points has priority for grabbing.
  • Actors can be held two-handed with reverse grabbing.
  • Actors can be placed to compatible bases.
  • Hands can extra play animations while grabbing an actor.
  • Actors can respawn if they are below a certain Z value.
  • Actors can have physics sound.

Extra Features:

  • VR Pawn – Setup and ready to use for most projects
  • UI Laser – Toggleable laser
  • Emote – Hand emotes
  • Auto Detect HMD – Can only detect Oculus HMDs out of the box
  • VR Console – Send text to console from any BP
  • Auto Scroll – Smoothly scroll any widget with laser
  • Editor Script – Speed up repetetive task
  • Hand Control Rig – Significantly speed up animation creation

We recommend 4.25 and up to be able to use Control Rig properly. Check out the documentation for a comprehensive guide to migration and how to expand it.


  • Valve Index (Don’t own one, Controllers Emulated)
  • HTC Vive, Pro (Launched on, Controllers Tested)
  • HTC Cosmos (Don’t own one, Controllers Emulated)
  • Oculus Rift (Don’t own one, Controllers Emulated)
  • Oculus Rift S (Launched on, Controllers Tested)
  • Oculus Quest (Launched on, Controllers Tested)
  • Oculus Go (Don’t own one, Controllers Emulated)
  • Gear VR (Don’t own one, Controllers Emulated)
  • WMR (Don’t own one, Controllers Emulated)

Note: This content doesn’t use finger tracking from any controllers.

Changelog [HR][/HR]v1.0 - Published on Marketplace.
v1.01 - Fixed a bug where a pure function was crashing the packaged builds on Oculus Quest.
v1.02 - Fixed Valve Index controller position.
v2.0 - New Grab System
v2.1 - Migration significantly simplyfied
v2.2 - Hints feature added
v2.2.1 - Minor fixes and improvemnts

Our Discordserver is now open. Come and hang out with us!

VR Immersive Hands v2.0 has been released!

This update includes bunch of new features and quality of life improvements.

  • Moved from Parent-Child based system to Component based system. This allows for a modularized system where you can use only what you need for Grab System and makes it easier to migrate HAC. Just add the component to any actor and set its variables.
  • With the new component based system, every important event has a dispacther so you can expand upon it. For exp, you can execute your own logic with On Dropped dispatcher. You can find them by right clicking the component or in component’s detail window.
  • Added multiple Grab Points. Actors can now be held from multiple points. Its easy to setup with hand previews!
  • Grab Priority. Actors and their grab points has priority that is taken into account when grabbing.
  • Reverse Grabbing. An improvement to the Grabbing System. Previously, only the object lerped to the hand. Now, hand can lerp to an object too. This allows for things two handed grabs.
  • Grab Actions. Play hand animations while grabbing an object. For exp, you can play an animation for a gamepad while holding it.

VR Immersive Hands is on Black Friday Sale with %30 discount! Don’t forget to join our Discord to get the latest news.

VR Immersive Hands v2.2 has been released!

This update includes bunch of new features and quality of life improvements.

  • Hints feature added
  • First Steps level added
  • More event dispacthers and options for Grab System overall
  • VR Console improvements

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