[VR] Hot air balloon + Bombs = Boosh!

I got my hands on a Vive last month and have been working on a few VR prototypes. For this one I have the player in a hot air balloon, controlling the altitude with the burner and using the handwheel to rotate the propeller for horizontal movement. An endless supply of bombs spawn in the basket, and the player can navigate around the placeholder terrain blowing stuff up.

The next step is adding cannons to shoot down other balloons with. I also want to adjust the gravity/acceleration/overall feel of the movement and add some placeholder effects for the burner and sound effects for everything.


Cannon added to the hot air balloon. Two handed aiming, and a rip cord to fire. The next step is adding manual reloading from an infinite supply of cannonballs on board the balloon, and some tweaking of the rip cord (collision etc).

Gatling gun prototyped. There’s a bit of math behind the firing to make sure it’s only when a barrel passes the top, and to make sure it doesn’t repeat fire on the same barrel. The distanced based auto-drop of all grabbable handles prevents rapidly spinning around the wheel origin to exploit the firing rate that would give.

The next step is providing a method for swapping weapons. The cannon and gatling gun will be on opposite sides, and will be swappable during play using a crazy dealie idea I have.

More soon! :smiley:

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Amazing what you can do with a Vive and UE4 in a few hours/days. This looks pretty cool. Good luck!