VR Hockey Arena_ adding sound effect to puck

I am new to Unreal coming from an Archviz background and trying to develop a VR of an ice hockey arena that we are designing. I am developing it for the Oculus Quest and would like to be able to have the user shoot a puck at the net while standing on the ice. Using the VR template I have been able to get a hockey stick and puck to work together, but I would like to enhance it using a sound effect when the stick hits the puck. What I can not figure out is how to set up the puck to only make a sound when a collision happens with the stick and not anything else. Currently, anything it touches (the ice, dasherboards, etc) triggers the sound effect. I added the Do Once because it was playing over and over as the puck slid on the ice, but that really didn’t solve the problem. How can I either make my puck sound effect ignore those items or make it only happen when the stick hits the puck?

I have spent a few days searching the forums/google on where to start looking for an answer and just not finding anything. If someone could point me in a direction to help me learn how to accomplish this I would appreciate it.


Attached is my current blueprint on the puck.