VR HMD not tracking in Preview

I’ve got a VR project that I’ve recently moved to UE 4.26.2 (from 4.25.3) and I’ve been having an issue where when launching the game in ‘VR Preview’ the camera’s rotation and position will not update (in standalone it seems fine).

I decided to try a minimal test in a new project as a sanity check so I:

  • Made a new pawn
  • Added a scene and camera to the pawn
  • Added the ‘Set tracking origin’ node the begin play event
  • Set the default pawn class in the gamemode
  • Added a player start to the level

This worked fine with the VR Preview so I tried the same thing in my main project making a new level, pawn, and gamemode and still had no luck.

I’ve also tried:

  • Changing the “Lock to Hmd” setting to off on the camera (didn’t work now on again)
  • Using a pawn in the level instead of the game start
  • Using Auto possess player 0 in the pawn settings

Oculus CV1

Any ideas suggestions are appreciated.

Looks like it does work in the main project if I set the network mode to standalone instead of as client
Any ideas why this is?

Found a solution here:
(disable run under one process)