VR Helicopter Concept UPDATE with DOWNLOAD

This is an updated version of the previous project and video here:

  • Animated internal controls (cloche and pedals)
  • Sound effects (engine idle and flying RPM’s)
  • Possibility to get in/out

If you have an Oculus Rift with Touch or an HTC Vive you can download a playable concept demo here: Google Drive: Sign-in

Just one word of caution if you decide to try the demo. If you are subject to cyber-sickness, some helicopter movements may disturb you. Make sure you are gentle on the controls and avoid quick rotations.

Happy flying! :slight_smile:

Note: I develop with the Oculus Rift, so this is untested on the Vive, but it should work just fine. In case let me know.

Very first YouTube link appears locked … :slight_smile:

Can you check again please? It should be fixed. I had pasted in by mistake the Edit URL. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Works now!