VR Hands Grab System (released)

Grab system for VR objects, with finger position prediction. No need to make grab animations for each item anymore!

UE Marketplace | VR Hands Grab trailer | Example Items Trailer

Playable Demo

Documentation v 1.1
Tutorial: How to Migrate to Your Project

Email: geektechcg@gmail.com


  • Runtime finger position prediction on the grabbed object’s surface
  • Set up multiple grab points for one object
  • 5 Example items with 4096x4096 textures (Gun,Knife,Axe,Grenade,Lever)
  • Interactable Lever (On,Off position with LED)
  • Interactable Grenade With Explosion FX and Sound
  • Throwing knife/axe assist logic (ballistic prediction)
  • Hand snapping to item on overlap can be enabled
  • Grab location visualizer
  • Physics collision for grabbed items(e.g item’s won’t go through walls and other objects)