VR Gear Distribution build fail on OVR.onLicenseFailed()


Since UE4.9
We have a problem with our packaging process. We try to ship our app (In distribution or shipping mode without OSIG files) but it crash right after start after a short blackscreen.
The build works well when we leave the OSIG file so we think it could be a signature problem.

This work well on UE4.8
(but we’ve seen that many things have been added to Unreal about VR Gear since 4.9)

Our process:

We package successfully in ETC2 shipping & distribution mode

We crash right after a short black screen and we have this error “D/OVR (20378): OVR.onLicenseFailed()
(I’ve added the log)

Please, need help to understand the right process to package and ship our app.

Note: We work on a BP project since 4.9.2

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Hi Roonan,

I had the same problem yesterday. I have found the solution for me. Is it possible you put your license file in the folder /4.9/Engine/Build/Android/Java instead of creating an extra folder assets? So the path to your license must be /4.9/Engine/Build/Android/Java/assets. Then the error should be solved.

Best regards

Ok, I may have figured out something as I have had the same problem. Has anybody submitted their app to the Oculus Concept or Oculus Store for review of their GearVR app? They require any distributed app for the gear to be reviewed by them and can take up to 2 weeks to complete the review, each time you submit. They have an oculus submission validator (thanks Roonan) that helps to clarify problems before submitting. But no app, even if uploaded to the google play store as distribution shipping package, will work without it going through the Oculus Store. Let me know if this helps. I need to completely figure out this process and proceed as well. Thanks.