VR games on EPIC store?

As A dev that’s putting 80% of my dev time in to VR projects and using Unreal I would like to eventually take advantage of the 12% fee that I would have to pay to epic vs Steams 30% :(.
But To my confusion Why is there not even a VR category for games on the epic store?.
Unreal’s quick adoption and support for VR is one of my initial reasons for choosing to learn Unreal, So it seems like a huge oversight that there is not even a category for VR games on the store. I have searched for VR games on the store and found none! Yet In my Steam Library I have many Including the walking dead saints and sinners which Is made with UE4 but NOT EVEN ON EPICS STORE??
This is a really bizarre situation

Same situation, hoping to release a VR flying/shooting game after UE5 drop depending on it state and would prefer to use Epic store.

Great point, I too have started to develop in Unreal with a view to VR projects.

Theres always erm…star wars squadrons…

that was probably enough to make them not want anymore VR games on the store :wink: