VR game for OC2 in UE5 weird graphical glitches but only in the left eye

The tag says 4-27 because it didn’t let me use the 5-0EA tag.
So this is my first time developing for VR in UE5ea and for the Oculus Quest 2. I’m making a short dance performance using motion capture and I’m getting strange glitches. When viewing from specific angles the model freaks out. The glitchy model stays glitchy as long as I’m not changing the viewing angle at all. The slightest change either reverts it to normal or a diffrent kind of glitchy.
This only happens when it is running on the Oculus and not when using airlink. This also only happens on the left screen. When closing my left eye, everything looks normal.
The models only have 1 LOD and I’ve tested quite extensively to see if it’s some kind of performance issue. When isolated to just one dancer and lighting the glitches still happen. My best guess is that something is wong with the models or something in my settings is messing with how the Quest renders it.
This is also my first time asking for help here so I’m not sure what info you guys need but I’ll quickly get whatever you need to give your best advice.
Thanks in advance!

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i have the same problem, did anyone know how to solve it?