VR Game - CDF Starfighter - 90s style space combat simulator

Hi everyone, I just wanted to announce that we have released our VR game into Early access on Steam :

If you have a vive, oculus or OSVR be sure to check it out!





More screenshots and info available on the web site :

Features :

  • Six degrees of freedom with a unique pick up and play control system.
  • 5 Single player game modes.
  • Designed for VR from the ground up for comfort, fun and an immersive experience.
  • 6 Different playable Ships.
  • Re-Supply for fuel, health and ammo on certain missions.
  • Multiple game modes including challenges, simulations, scramble, free flight and campaign mode.
  • Non-Linear story-line in campaign mode with multiple endings.
  • Full immersion from a first person view all the way through the game.
  • Vast and beautiful locations from the CDF Universe.
  • Free flight mode for VR explorers.
  • Huge single Player content and an ambitious community driven multiplayer pipeline.
  • Prove your worth with player rankings, achievements, and leader-boards.
  • Community driven development with regular updates and newly added features and content.

Video reviews/lets plays :**