[VR] Futuristic Survival with Hi-Tech toys

Hey devs!

I am recently working on a VR project which is supposed to be a futuristic survival game

It’s just ~30h of work excluding the weird map I created and I am working alone so there’s gonna be way more about it! But it just need more time ;]


For now the game features:

  • Part armors (lower/upper arm, chest and helmet)
  • Tools - hookshot, rocket launcher, pulse gun, ‘discooter’ (it just shoots discs xD),3 types of shields (basic, reflecting and hiding and about this one - visit this thread) , there are a few more but they lack functionality
  • Enemies - Target, Turret, Rocket turret

Already with this stuff it’s really amazing to play it, the video doesn’t show it all but hookshot is actually an advanced tool!