VR Futuristic City Environment

I’m looking for someone who can create a level/landscape + assets for UE4.23.1 similar to the below sketch:…27745737138176

The game is flight-based, so everything would need to be approachable from all angles. Since it is a VR game, there also needs to be care to make sure frame rate stays above 100 FPS. The game already has clouds from TrueSky and one custom-made tower so far, so this would primarily be buildings and landscape work.…39030636453890

Please send previous work examples and proposed price if interested. Fixed price is preferred, and the artist is free to keep rights to the assets for re-use or resale on the asset store.

Contact information:

Still open. I am having a few artists work simultaneously on this first to see which style is closest. Not really budget constrained.

Hiya, I am interested it for this position here’s my portfolio ArtStation - Krzysztof Szkoda

I am also interested, don’t hesitate to look at my portfolio too ^^: ​