VR Editor

Anyone else having issues enabling VR Editor in engine? Have all the options enabled but the button in the toolbar is greyed out.

Yeah I’m having the same issue. Would love to build out the base level in vr. Enabled all the requisite check boxes. But vr button on toolbar is greyed out.

lol… don’t get me wrong, it’s not a funny problem but… did you just reply to yourself saying you’re having the same issue as yourself? :wink:

Anyway! I may be wrong, as the last time I tested building something in VR with UE4 was quite some time ago in an older engine: I believe you might need to place a VR pawn in your level - the Editor version I had used had a “ready-to-use” blueprint for this, I would assume the Robo Recall project has too. It isn’t installed on my PC here so I can’t test, but you might want to check this out!

:wink: Got someone to reply didn’t it

lol that cracked me up

Hmm It’s working for me. I just went into “editor settings” and enabled VR editor support. Does VR Preview at least work for you if VR editor does not? Have you tried restarting Oculus services or Steam VR?

VR cannot run

VR cannot run