VR Edit Mode. Help Menu for controls. Web browser.

Hi, I’m new to VR Mode and was taking it seriously as a toolkit. My first VR editing experiences were in Gravity Sketch on the Oculus Quest.

In that experience, I can spend hours working in the headset without taking it off.

Unreal VR Mode I’m spending about 30-60 seconds at a time and it’s very frustrating.

  1. There is no in-headset help with the controls. Gravity Sketch does a great job with some short videos. Easy as pie. I’m super tired of swapping the headset on/off to read web pages

  2. If I’m going into VR Edit mode it’s because I have stuff to do. That stuff is in a list on a google doc web page. Why isn’t there an in-headset browser so I can start ticking boxes? How do you get data in/out of the headset to work with?