VR Development Contract Work

Can any one interested please provide a quote to convert the functionality in the following 3D scene to VR, using unreal? Use Oculus for the quote. The project would require the following. The goal is to create a template that we can load any model into and publish to VR without having to recreate any of the navigation / HUD functionality.

  1. Duplicating navigation functionality from the web scene
    • a navigation map to show your location in the architectural space (this could appear at the feet of the person in VR, or could be a heads up display. Include the functionality to auto-generate the map from the 3D model by slicing through the scene
    • points of interest, appearing on the nav map, a HUD to jump to “Next POI” and view a list of POI, integration with buttons on a controller to jump to next POI. Ability to push “Play” which will take the VR viewer along a preset path (position fixed) but allow them to look around freely while moving along the path.
  • A simple nav mesh / collider, which is already modeled
  • a HUD button that takes you into an overhead view with the model spinning as if on a turn table, and a way to re-enter the model. When in overhead, ability to turn off a portion of the model that would be considered “environment surroundings” and only focus on the key space to be visualized
  1. A function to automatically place UE4 lights at coordinates taken from a CSV file

  2. A function to re-wire textures if the import of an obj/mtl does not place the texture maps on the right channels, or to re-configure values where maps aren’t used.

  3. Assume all modeling work is completed (i.e. the architecture, furniture, and collider models already exist as obj files)

  4. Example 3D scene below: 375 Pearl Street, 31st Floor | Build by CBRE

  5. A home screen with project title and HUD to enter scene, or various scenes, for a given project.

Hey David, we’ve definitely had a bunch of experience in projects before who’s requirements overlapped yours here so I’'d love to chat a bit more about what you’ve got going on over there and how we can help you bring it to market. There’s a few questions I’d want clarity on before throwing numbers out there but nothing a quick skype call can’t remedy :slight_smile: I’ll send you a pm now and with any luck we can touch base tomorrow.


hi, i have experience making archviz realistic with ue4, and export by html5 like the next link that i made:

my portfolio: Rt Archviz - YouTube

i know to make what you want to do.

contact skype: