VR Church project!

Hello people!

This is my work in progress of my local derelict church! Please feel free to let me know any improvements that can be made.

The church is built from architectural plans accurate to real world scale with the intention of using it for virtual reality applications. It has been tested on the HTC Vive and the performance is good. There are still some tweaks that could be made to get it looking better.

Recently reworked the lighting which I’m pretty happy with.
My next update will be adding foliage on the outside.

Thank you!


That ought to be pretty cool to walk in when you have it all done. :slight_smile: It’s a bit hard to tell how far along you are in the project and what things you’ll be changing in the materials, but one thing that stands out to me right now is that it seems like the color of the blocks in the pillars should be more cohesive with each other. Right now it kind of feels like each block had been in a different place for many years and weathered differently, then put together into a pillar later instead of being built at the same time. That might just be me though… Hope the foliage goes okay. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! For the project I’d say I’m pretty much almost done like 80%, been working on it from scratch for 6 months already. Mostly just needs tweaks to the materials and foliage. Just looking for any crits to improve my work! I see where you’re coming from with the pillars and will think about updating the texture because will probably help with the realism.

I’m thinking about selling the project for a fair price as stand alone VR experience and selling it on the marketplace if anyone is interested? :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to you. For some reason the forum never sent an email to let me know you had responded, even though I was subscribed, and I haven’t needed to log on here in a while to see it either. Been hard at work on my own project :slight_smile: To go back to what I would have said, You’re welcome! I think it looks nice so far for being 80% done. It’s always hard to tell with games what look the creator is going for since there’s always so many limitations in game creation and different looks as well, but one other thing I thought of to change might be to add a normal map to the brick. It just feels a bit noticeably flat when I’m looking at it. Or it might be good to increase the strength a little if you already have one. There is a really great free program that can generate normal maps from a photo that you can find here: http://awesomebump.besaba.com/about/ if you need it. As I had said though, if that wasn’t the look you were going for, I think it looks nice as it is. It’s a nice touch with the plaster breaking off like that. :slight_smile:

You should try selling it if you can. Even if no one buys it, it’s always good experience. Having something for sale somewhere is always good for a portfolio as well :). Good luck on the rest of it :slight_smile: