VR Car Configurator

Project Title:
VR Car Configurator

We need someone who creates a basic car configurator for us in VR. We provide the car models and textures in basic 3D exchange formats (OBJ, FBX & JPG, PNG, TGA).
We give you guidelines about the look and feel of the scene but you will have to build it all in UE4.
We work with Oculus Rift Touch.
We used Unity in the past but we’re not satisfied with the result it gave us so we’re looking for someone who has experience in VR and especially nailing Car Viz and materials.

The player has a fixed position so there is no teleportation and he has all basic UI elements in front of him on a fixed position.


  • Changeable paint by selecting colored spheres on your left side
  • Switch rims by selecting different rims on your right side
  • Rotate car on a turntable by using thumb sticks on Touch controller
  • Switch between different scenes (Clean minimalistic bright / Parking garage dark / Nature)
  • Video playback in background
  • Turn headlight, signal lights. engine sound on and off
  • Switch between car models from one brand

Autoactiva Werbeagentur GmbH (we work together with several major car brands like Ford, BMW, Maserati, Volvo etc.)

~2 months

Website: (Basic overview of previous products)

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

If you are interested please contact me and we provide further details about payment, timeline and whats possible or not. Please also provide some of your previous work. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Hey Robert, I’m sending you over an email with an example of a VR car configurator we did recently. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

Email sent, with video and demo scene to test.

HI Robert

reply for email, check plz!