VR Car configurator with incar mode

VR configurator options and incar mode.


  • user friendly VR UX
  • incar mode with insulation simulation
  • 4 body colors selector
  • 3 rims selector
  • open / close doors support
  • 2 interior colors selector
  • open / close glass support
  • day / night environment mode
  • rotation car support
  • flying birds

Looks good, nice work! Is this something for the marketplace or just a project you’re working on?

I might be interested in the environment and art assets if it was up on the marketplace for a reasonable price.

Thanks! It’s not for marketplace. Project programmed by me for private client.

You should recreate and sell it! Definitely never sell client assets/code, but with your knowledge you should be able to do it even better, now. And there are probably lots of us who would be buying :smiley: