VR Camera Widget Component - Activate by key press or collision event?

Hi There

I have a widget component with text attached to a camera, which looks absolutely great in VR but instead of it appearing from game start, I would like to activate the text with key presses or collision events. I will then be able to walk around and press different buttons to pull up different bits of information around the building.

I’ve searched online but cannot find any tutorials on doing this simple (?) thing. My background is in architecture but I am trying to branch into VR experiences. I am a complete novice to Unreal Engine so if anyone has the time to walk me through this I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance

VR Camera Text|686x500

Hi All

Apologies this is a double post - I wasn’t sure whether the first post had been submitted or not and in the time it took to get my posts approved I got the answer from the helpful dudes on the discord chat.