VR Camera Position Change with Possess

Hi all together! My name is Michael, currentyl living and working in Vienna and i follow this forum for quite a long time. I am new to unreal engine and i have a small problem with a current project that i cannot solve by myself… maybe someone can help me out a little bit.

the project subject was: Create a vr scene where you can change fixed camera position by pressing a key:

i found a very usefull tutorial and the blueprint output of this was the following picture

when i hit the enter key you switch with the possess function through the diffrent vr cameras… this works pretty well

the only problem i have is the following:

as you can see i have 3 vrpawn in my scene, each pawn comes with a pair of vr hands… so if i start the scene and i am in vrpawn 1 and i wave my hands, all other vr hands are visible too…

what i am looking for is a solution how to update my blueprint that only the active camera shows the vr hands…and the currently not used are not visible…

maybe someone can help me out here…

thanks for your time and help

kindly Michael