VR camera follows world coords instead of containing actor

Hello all,

I’m running into an issue lately where a camera attached to an HMD position/rotation is offset from the world origin by that position/rotation rather than from the origin of the containing actor or component. I have tried many configurations of the containing actor, following multiple tutorials on the subject from beginning to end, and I always run into the same problem. I even migrated the motion controller pawn from the VR template into one of my projects and ran into the same issue: moving the pawn away from world origin in my editor appears to move the camera, but when playing I find myself sitting at the world origin, observing the rest of my pawn components off in the distance (including the motion controllers).

Anybody have some clues about what I might be missing? I figure it’s something about my project rather than my pawn at this point, having tried over and over far too many times, and especially having run that test where I migrated a known, working pawn into my project and seeing it fail.

Solution: The camera on the pawn wasn’t being used. Instead, the GameMode I had selected was creating a new VR camera at the world origin.