VR camera fade when colliding world geometry

Hello everyone

I’ve been trying to solve the problem of looking inside geometry when you go inside with the headset.
Other times I solved it creating PostProcess Volumes that turn the scene black, but for some scenarios that means a lot of work.

So I read this thread on reddit about it and a user commented the following:

“Essentially, I started with a tiny trigger box for each eye, that switches a black sight blocker shape on when it intersects world geometry, and off when not. This way, the player can push his head sideways into a wall, and only the eye inside the wall is black.”

Since I’m not an expert on blueprints I wanted to ask for help to recreate that, it would be so helpful for every project in VR and as far as I read this is a common issue for the community.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi again, not a single clue on this topic?
Or where could I find this information?