VR Cabinet of Curiosities

This started as a labor of love when the pandemic began. I took my photogrammetry scans of my personal collection of curious objects and natural specimens, and wanted to put them all in one single VR room. Well… it grew into this. A room containing hundreds of interactive specimens to explore. Everything is hand modeled by me, or photogrammetry. I want it to be my first VR publication, and I will try to get it onto Steam and Oculus. I’m trying to find out if anyone out there would be interested in exploring a room like this? Anything you’d want to play with in there? (BTW, the drawers all open and contain items too… and the books will open eventually to contain an entire library of rare books.)

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Hey there @MechanicWhispers,

First off, this is incredible! I imagine that something like this would attract fellow creep-lovers and be a bit educational too! The vintage design of the shop is also really beautiful. I’d definitely be interested in walking around and exploring a bit.

Do you have any videos of what the experience is like? Or what you want it to be like?

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@PresumptivePanda Thank you!! Yes, I am hoping it will attract a wide range of enthusiasts. I am putting a lot of effort into retaining the realism and detail, to show what I believe a VR Experience should feel like. I was going for that Victorian vibe, so I’m glad it comes across. I can’t wait for people to explore it!

BTW, as a fellow creep-lover, you might be interested to know that I was able to scan a few of my friend Ryan Matthew Cohn’s (from the TV show Oddities) personal collection for the room. I plan on having a way to identify information about each piece as it is studied, as well as if it is from different collections.

I do have a trailer that I’ve made for my Steam page (which I am currently still working on). I am also creating a Discord, as this project has gained some extra attention lately. If anyone is interested, feel free to sign up on my mailing list at shop.mechanicalwhispers.com and I will send out a notice when the Discord is up, followed by the Steam wishlist. Thank you so much for your interest and encouragement! This is the first of many solo dev VR experiences I am working on!