VR - C++ How to get LeftAim/RightAim motion sources for motion controllers

Hi folks.

I’m trying to create a VR Character class and so far I have been able to add two motion controllers for Left & Right motion sources. However, I’m trying to find LeftAim & RightAim ones but apparently, FXRMotionControllerBase doesn’t have them.

LeftMotionController->MotionSource = FXRMotionControllerBase::LeftHandSourceId;
LeftMotionControllerAim->MotionSource = FXRMotionControllerBase::LeftHandSourceId;

Is FXRMotionControllerBase the right class or are they located somewhere else?

Also, not sure if this is completely valid for an OpenXR implementation.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

The OpenXR specific ones are under the OpenXRSourceNames namespace. The MotionSource property is just a FName though, so it should be possible to just pass in a string.