VR Bullet Hell game looking for artists

Hey guys, I’m the undeaded dev from, and I’m looking for a little help fleshing out a VR game that I’ve been working on.

The Game

This game will be a VR Bullet Hell type game, an on rails shooter similar to star fox, but more action packed and in virtual reality. This game is designed to be small in scope and accomplish-able with a small team.

Title: Currently Unnamed
Target Platform: PC/Vive
Desired team size: Small 5-10
Setting: Futuritic Sci-fi Distopia
Genre: VR Bullet Hell / On Rails Shooter


  • Fast paced arcade style action
  • Multiple distinct enemy types
  • A few different ships to pilot with distinct upgrade trees
  • Simple effective controls (left grip strafes left, right strafes right, hold both to jump)


Current state of the game:
I’ve been working alone on the game for the past couple of months and have gotten it to a playable prototype. If you are really interested in the project and own a Vive I can try to send you a playable build.

  • Two implemented enemy types
  • Controlling ship is implemented
  • Scoring is implemented
  • Death and restarting is in game
  • Infinite procedural map currently implemented

Looking for:
I need hard surface modelers, concept artists, animators, and riggers. I’m good on the programming, but I need art assets for enemies, environmental props, weapons, and ships. Most props in game now are place holder. Applicants should be familiar with creating assets for Unreal. It would be beneficial if you had experience working with Substances by allegorithmic as well. If you are interested in this project please send your portfolio to If you have any questions feel free to ask. Look forward to hearing from you all.