VR BP controller pawn export to another level

i just play with VR motion control BP and
I was wondering (and I training self ) export BP from temple VR to another level
first you must export input data from project setting and
it should be OK but is not

In one of the projects it was ok and in the second unfortunately al not working
I have a problem with the position of the camera
My camera was in a different place than my hands
reacted to the direction but the hand clamp did not work

My question is why in one project it works and the other does not ?

Maybe I should build everything all over again every time I create a project?

If the export is possible then how to do it properly please help

I think resolve the problem

  1. you mas set player on section pawn

  2. export setting from VR BP templay

  3. import files to you project shut be look like on screen

  4. very important don’t forget Nav mesh Bounds Volume without this you can’t use teleport