VR Avatar Animation Lag Problems

Hey guys,

I’m trying to figure out how I would update the bone structure of a mesh to fit the current pose of a user in VR. I am using the Vive headset, 2 controllers, and a tracker to track the person’s hip. I have gotten the transforms into my AnimBP and have set the bones to the correct positions. However, the avatar lags behind a little at the update is called every .02 sec/each frame. If I parent an object the to the controller it sticks to it in real time.

My thoughts for exploration on this problem is to see if I can up the speed that the update is called in the animBP or mirror the code that updates the objects that are parented.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can go about solving this problem, either fixing what I have or a totally new way?

Thanks for any feedback,

I had this problem and sort of fixed it by unchecking the low latency option on the motion controller components. I think this actually adds a little lag to objects directly attached to the controllers, but the IK looks a little bit better.

Thanks, that makes it a lot better. Only very slight lag compared to the parented object, making it unnoticeable in-game.

I have noticed the difference since changing that option, but only really when the frame rate tanks. Definitely preferable to the alternative though