VR and Arch Vis Lessons Learnt

I wrote a blog post outlining some of the big issues that we came across during the early stages of our VR development - might save someone a bit of time if they are just getting started.


Great post. Currently exploring Datasmith possibilities at the moment. Thanks for your input!

Thanks for sharing this. Really interesting to see what you will reveal in the next blog post. Thumbs up!

Really helpful and would like to thank you for sharing the experience of deconstructing the psychology of VR Arch Viz. I certainly think the VR tour with voice over is the way to go. Because these VR spaces are so big and filled with many features we want users to experience, trying to get them to find these on their own would be like trying to train a dachshund to sniff out illegal substances. Directing their attention with voice is an A++ idea and creates a better appreciation of the design for even regular everyday, non architectural design oriented people.