VPN Client Blueprint Library

VPN Client Blueprint Library

Blueprint Library that enables **VPN **connection in the engine both at runtime and editor.

This plugin allows you to connect to **VPN **servers using several protocols from within blueprints or c++.

Blueprint Library functions are available both at **Runtime **and Editor.

In Plugin’s content folder you’ll be able to find: **VPNClientEditor **which is a rudimentary **VPN **client made with Editor Widgets that supports most used protocols and serves both as client and tutorial. It also saves/loads settings so you won’t have to type every time the connection details.


  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • L2TP PSK
  • IKEv2 EAP
  • IKEv2 CERT
  • Easy to implement
  • Connection Statistics (KB transferred In/Out, Up time)

Get it here: VPN Client Blueprint Library in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Cool! I understand why to use a VPN for enterprise networking and security. I am new to UE4 and game development. What are the use cases for this? Why do I need this? Thank you!

I have the same question as @FunAndFriendly!

It’s more like if you need it you can get it. If you don’t need it then you don’t have to find reasons to get it.

This means that my UE Project has built in VP connection? so the Game app using this plugin is automatically connected to a VPN? I am actually very interested because I need my app to always connect to my VPN server.