VPN Client Blueprint Library

VPN Client Blueprint Library

Blueprint Library that enables **VPN **connection in the engine both at runtime and editor.

This plugin allows you to connect to **VPN **servers using several protocols from within blueprints or c++.

Blueprint Library functions are available both at **Runtime **and Editor.

In Plugin’s content folder you’ll be able to find: **VPNClientEditor **which is a rudimentary **VPN **client made with Editor Widgets that supports most used protocols and serves both as client and tutorial. It also saves/loads settings so you won’t have to type every time the connection details.


  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • L2TP PSK
  • IKEv2 EAP
  • IKEv2 CERT
  • Easy to implement
  • Connection Statistics (KB transferred In/Out, Up time)

Get it here:

Cool! I understand why to use a VPN for enterprise networking and security. I am new to UE4 and game development. What are the use cases for this? Why do I need this? Thank you!

I have the same question as @FunAndFriendly!

It’s more like if you need it you can get it. If you don’t need it then you don’t have to find reasons to get it.