VP project

@VictorLerp Hello, as mentioned in the stream, I made a little VP, I am not shore did I do anything wrong in there visually and if you have any suggestions on the next steps - is MegaGrants the answer or is there better alternative options? I made a few things actually not all with UE but I would like to bring those features into the engine because I like UE but I can’t do it all myself? Appreciate all the suggestions!

Latest one:

I’ll put just these two older ones:

@VictorLerp I did a a quick renovation and put up a Web Collection - I know it’s not much but at least it will make it easier for you guys to navigate… Just a quick important note too that actually lead me to UE and a world of Epic is a theory I partially demonstrated in the Penguin Cinematic that was not done with Unreal but I wanted to bring in this feature in, that could be useful for everyone, from games to VP and robotic systems like I intended… Machine Learning Cinematics - YouTube
Very much appreciated!

@VictorLerp Oh Vic, I’m sorry guess all the stress, fatigue and insomnia - it’s bound to happen https://aicloudptyltd.business.site