Voyager Bridge Demo (version 0.3 update)

Hi everyone, I’ve updated my UE4 starship bridge VR demo with some new features (details below).

This was made to be an Oculus Rift VR experience but it works on normal monitors as well.

Download link and instructions at the reddit post for more info.

Here is a great video of it on the eVRydayVR YouTube channel.

Interactive Features and Instructions

  • Sit in the Captains chair!

    • Walk up to any chair to sit down. Move away to stand up.
  • Watch the “Historical Documents” on the main view screen!

    • Watch Voyager TV episodes or any other Netflix shows or movies
    • You must set the Rift in Windows display properties to “extend desktop” rather than “clone” to use this feature.
    • Start any Netflix episode or movie in Chrome or Firefox then launch the demo to watch it on the main screen.
    • Press ‘V’ on keyboard, ‘B’ on gamepad or say “On Screen” to toggle the main view screen feed.
  • Interact with Voyager’s computer!

    • Version 0.3 supports speech recognition and responses.
    • Issue voice commands such as “fire photon torpedo” or “On Screen”.
    • Issue voice queries such as: “Computer, What is Star Trek?”
    • Monitor the computer’s “Vocal Analysis” at the top of the main display panel at the “Operations” station .
    • Say “computer stop” to stop the computer’s current response.
    • List of currently available voice commands:
      “Fire”, “Fire Torpedo”, “Fire Torpedoes”,
      “Fire Photon Torpedo”, “Fire Photon Torpedoes”, “Fire Photon Torpedoes Full Spread”,
      “Photon Torpedo”, “Photon Torpedoes”, “Photon Torpedoes Full Spread”, “Fire Everything”,
      “On Screen”, “Viewer Off”, “Off Screen”
    • Issue querries to the computer by saying “Computer” followed by your question. Examples:
      “Computer, what is the atomic mass of uranium?”
      “Computer, who is Captain Kirk?”
      “Computer, how far is mars?”
      “Computer, what is the starship enterprise?”
  • Find and trigger three crew audio cues around the bridge!

    • Toggling the main view screen to video feed will stop any currently playing audio cues.
    • Toggling the main view screen to forward external view will reenable audio cues.

This is pretty impressive, nice work.

Looks awesome! Great Work!

very cool :slight_smile:

Looks very cool, how did you get video into UE4?