voxels with PBR

Planning on putting a windy scarf attached to his neck, made of voxel particles that pull toward a point in local space. When the character moves, the emitter can be rotated in worldspace to oppose the player’s movement direction (and perhaps rotating to a specific direction during idle). Scarf and custom animations coming up next~ wish me luck!

Does anyone have tips to share on getting lighting right for cartoons in UE4?

Hmm, I downloaded the Marketplace Submission Guideline’s mannequin, however, I’m getting these results and an error stating that the skeleton does not match the engine’s.

bug, or feature?


Just thought I would ask what application are you using to make this character? Qubicle 2?

As far as animation goes with voxel models -

Hope that this helps :slight_smile:

Currently stumped… I made a PhysX Clothing APX for the scarf, but it seems to be stuck in a whirled position on the skeletal mesh; and also it does not scale with the player’s character and appears 1/4th the size on the avatar. I notice the UVWs are being displaced, as the bottom-section of the scarf is is no-mans-land in the UVW space. Does anyone have any ideas before I make a support thread elsewhere on the forums with details on my export/import settings and pipeline?

Edit: Thank you for the tip HeadClot :slight_smile: Zach’s my art intern at Voxelnauts. I use Qubicle also.


The default FBX import settings for 3DS Max have “convert bones to dummies” checked, so that on export the skeletal mesh breaks.

Choosing from which corner to draw the UVW coordinates are a dropbox selection in APEX’s Clothing tools.

now I need to figure out how to apply wind in UE4 to affect the scarf! Placing a 'wind directional source' does not seem to affect the PhysX clothing on actors out of the box... hmmm wonder what the method is for this

This looks cool. I like the style. How did you go about creating this character? What was your process?

Inspired by John Su’s character design for Voxelnauts (and clothing assets that I helped create for characters in Voxelnauts), I’m working on developing my own. I’ve remade the design to give the player character more defined body shapes, proper proportions(with a different head-to-body ratio), and a completely redesigned head with defined cheekbones/mouth/hairshapes/ears/etc.

If you are curious about how the shapes for the body are made, I created pixel-based orthographics to extrude/piece together to create basic geometric shapes in Qubicle. You can then refine the shapes and textures within Qubicle, and you can readily swap pixel art between Qubicle and Photoshop via Copy/Pasting in ‘Slice Mode’ in Qubicle. Attached are some example orthographics for use with voxels and characters~~


To boolean complex shapes and retain their texture, you can view the methodology I invented for Voxelnauts here:

Essentially, you repeat the outer faces of your matrix inward to the center of the matrix, and reduce the edges by “x” and “y” voxels for each iteration (to introduce slopes, x and y < 1). You will now have a solid cube of information in your matrix, and you may boolean while retaining texture; if you use this technique and the object inside the matrix does not reach the edges of the matrix, it still works (that is how I built the cactus in the above screenshot, from orthographics and then I booleaned it into shape and refined from there).

Thanks for the info. I really the style and I would like to try it out! Looking forward to what you make of this project.

You’re welcome. There are more advanced techniques that I have invented for working with voxels, perhaps I should get together a tutorial for this stuff.

I’m off to make this hero a mount! I’m thinking of a Locust or Cricket

If you could make a tutorial, that would be awesome!!

Hey guys thanks for mentioning Qubicle 2! I’d never heard of this program before but now I’ve just bought myself a copy. :slight_smile:

It’s an awesome program with lots of potential. Again, thanks for mentioning.

You’re welcome Bhanshee :slight_smile: Qubicle is great~ MagicaVoxel is also a solid alternative with a more userfriendly UI, but Qubicle definitely has the most features and polish of any voxel editor currently.

I’ve noticed that there is an art director needed in Trove-land. Wish me luck~

Animating this "mount"ain lion tomorrow along with some VFX

/har :stuck_out_tongue:

Took a moment to get this all together due to other personal commitments at the moment ~ now finished! Wish me luck :slight_smile:

I would be very interested in a tutorial. Right now I feel like I’m inventing the wheel lol.

+1 - would love to see how we can get this look at UE4 :slight_smile: