Voxelization of Michael De Santa - Unreal Engine 4

Hi guys!

I made this a few days ago. I was doing a few experiments with physics on server side and just couldn’t make myself not to do this along the way, basically a 50mx50m scanner that can turn anything into a voxel based model. Technically it’s composed out of static instanced meshes, nothing new there, performance wise this could be improved a few times over but I just wanted to make cool scans and it worked just fine.


Several passes of voxel resolution:

400 cm
200 cm
100 cm
50 cm
25 cm
12.5 cm
6.25 cm

Recordings of larger resolutions are speed up multiple times. Michael’s face is around 45 meters in height.

~100 draw calls, 100K+ voxels.

That looks really cool. Love that aesthetic.

Thanks! :slight_smile: