Voxel type terrain without any plugins

So I was playing around with in built Perlin Noise (FMath::PerlineNoise2D and 3D) and created voxel type chunks. Here are some results. For now these are Instanced Static Meshes but for better performance requires procedural mesh component.

Inside Caves

Side view (sliced)

Entrance to cave

Call me curious.
what kind of a performance difference are you expecting between a procedural mesh and the instances?

Procedural mesh will have more performance if used correctly. For this I was just testing out the in-built perlin noise functions to create something like this. I can post the source code if interested.

Hey @ryanjon2040,
Bugging you for a second here.
Were you able to get Frustum Culling to work with the Instanced Static mesh Component? If so, how? I don’t see any options within the component for it, and it doesn’t appear to just work out of the box…

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] I didn’t check if Frustrum Culling was working and if it doesnt work natively then it won’t work here. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Still having issues with HISM and culling, but maybe the new engine will help performance overall too…

Yeah I’m also looking forward for UE5. There are projects I would like to convert to UE5 with high poly elements.