Voxel System

How would I create a voxel system in ue4 with multiplayer support?

With considerable difficultly, I’m guessing, from products like this

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I had a look at the free version of voxel plugin but couldn’t get multiplayer to work I think the paid version can do it but is like $600 AUD which I cannot afford :confused:

Yeah… time to roll the sleeves up and get into C++… :clown_face:


Where would I find maybe some tutorial or docs on how to do something like this ?

What about this?

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Where would I learn to make something like voxel plugin myself?

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Oops, sorry. I can’t find anything about making your own. Like I say, I don’t think it’s simple.

Rip I’m just gonna give up on voxel games then this is just annoying :confused:

How about this?

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