Voxel Plugin

Voxel Plugin is available for Unreal 4.23, 4.24 and 4.25.

It brings everything you’d expect from a nice voxel plugin:

  • ultra fast infinite volumetric worlds
  • real time editing of the terrain
  • infinite colors, or up to 256 different materials
  • 2 modes: smooth (marching cubes with transvoxel for LODs) or cubic (with LODs too)
  • full blueprint interface (except world generation which is C++ only or custom graph as blueprint are way too slow, see pro version below)
    and lots of other stuff like save/load, undo/redo…
  • powerful editor (and runtime) tools

All that is available in a free version, which you can grab here: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/product/voxel-plugin-free

A pro version is also available, with more features:

  • multiplayer support
  • (procedural) foliage support
  • ultra advanced graph system to generate custom worlds in a few clicks: the graph system supports C++ translation, macros, local variables, textures, curves…
  • multiple importers to import voxels from magica vox, 3D coat, meshes, heightmap, UE landscapes…
  • voxel physics
    and plenty more!

For more details you can check the official website: https://voxelplugin.com
You can also discuss with me and the other users on discord (mainly text): https://discord.voxelplugin.com
You can also follow me on twitter and youtube:

The plugin also has official wiki and forums:


Neat stuff!! And, thanks for the source… Great learning tool.


Most kind of you to share such a wonderful resource.


great job !

I was thinking in a personal game with something like this for a while, and this is a majestic resource for marching cubes dude, excellent community as usual, thank you very much sir

Added basic multiplayer and load/save

This looks great - nice work!

Super-cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

Is it possible to use an existing terrain as input for a voxel terrain?

Should be easy to do, as long as you know how to recover the heightmap from the terrain.

nice work!
thank you really much for sharing it

is there a way to generate a procedural terrain via BP? maybe using noise? right now i’m only able to generate a flat landscape

ps: i’m not able to get the save system working using UE 4.17.1
i tried it with master branch and Voxel.zip (VoxelContent.zip)

I’m not only talking about the heightmap, but the terrain material as well
So there is no procedure implemented to transfering an existing terrain to a voxel terrain?

This looks like nice job, one question in your video seems like have problem of performance with the LOD system at go away ?

Ty for this.

yeah, save system works!
i messed something up in the rebuild process, works perfect now

Not yet, but transferring heightmap should be doable. For the materials however, it would require some work as terrains are using UVs while I’m using triplanar projection.

I just modified the VoxelWorldGenerator to inherit from UInterface, so that blueprint can be used (see Implementing Blueprint Interfaces | Unreal Engine Documentation). But using blueprints affects performance and limits terrain size (blueprints loop limit).

This is because camera is going too fast. There is no lag when going at a normal speed. Various parameters can also be tuned to decrease quality and improve performance.


WIP: Mesh importer

Performance test: 8 chunks updating every frame

Getting some errors when trying to compile.
Error C4800 ‘int’: forcing value to bool ‘true’ or ‘false’ (performance warning) Project E:\Unreal Projects\Project\Plugins\Voxel\Source\Voxel\Private\TransvoxelTools.cpp 342
Error C4800 ‘int’: forcing value to bool ‘true’ or ‘false’ (performance warning) Project E:\Unreal Projects\Project\Plugins\Voxel\Source\Voxel\Private\VoxelChunkStruct.cpp 326
Error Failed to produce item: E:\Unreal Projects\Project\Plugins\Voxel\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\UE4Editor-Voxel.lib Project E:\Unreal Projects\Project\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\ERROR 1

I don’t have this error. Did you set any custom build arguments?

No, I downloaded the voxel.zip put it in plugins folder of my project and it said it couldn’t be compiled for this version (4.17.1) and to rebuild from source manually

Try with this one: https://github.com/Phyronnaz/MarchingCubes/files/1265244/Voxel.zip
If it doesn’t work download the entire project and compile it with visual studio.