Voxel Plugin - terrain deformation questions

Hi everyone, this is my first post here :slight_smile: I’m developing a survival game in which there are deep underground caves. I wish to create them using free Voxel plugin available on marketplace, but apart from creating them I also want the player to be able to terraform it with a tool like pickaxe. The problem is, I don’t want the player to be able to deform/destroy the terrain past certain dimensions (including edge of the map, near the water, making holes in surface landscape) and only be limited to mining underground. Is there a good way to achieve that without resorting to static meshes?

Edit: I want to elaborate on this a little bit more: what I would like to do is be able to have something like a “trigger zone” blueprint, and if the player enters the domain area within that radius it would switch off/on their blueprint for terraform until they leave it.

Hi Beginner89, Did you ever make good progress! I also want to do something similar and am looking at Voxel Plugin. I miss the days of mining in Life is Feudal game.