Voxel Plugin and Loading Collision

Hi everyone, I’ve been using the amazing Voxel Plugin and the only issue I’m having with it is the collision during times, which leads to everything falling through the floor. I’ve been looking in to a few different ways around this but was wondering if anyone had successfully sorted it? (Or if it’s something easy and I’m being silly).

Is there any way to run a check to see if the landscape has been initially loaded? So that I can pause/unpause time or similar until it’s been loaded. I’m hoping it’ll be relatively simple to work around!


I’ve not tried this yet - but had a thought myself on this. I might move the voxel world to it’s own level and stream it in, then use that being completed as the point to allow the game to play. Any thoughts/suggestions beyond this still greatly received.

For anyone who has this in the future, my resolution for this appears to be:

I put the voxel terrain in it’s own map. In BeginPlay of the persistent level I change time dilation to 0.00001, stream the level, then returned time dilation to 1.0. You can’t pause the game and stream a level as it will never complete, hence use of time dilation.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.