Voxel/MRI Renderer

I’ve been working on a project that reads industry standard MRI data (dicom and nifti) and renders it with a custom voxel shader. My brother recently had some MRI scans, so I thought it would be interesting to see how they came out. These are some renders of my brother’s brain, a few months after surgery.

I have some more (older) images here, if you don’t mind the background info about my brother and a picture of a pretty gnarly scar from brain surgery: http://imgur.com/a/S61YJ

And here’s a pretty badly framed video that I threw together in a hurry: AaronSecondMRI - YouTube


This is insanely cool :slight_smile:

Hey thanks! If it’s of interest, this blog article was particularly inspiring for the rendering aspects: Post Page. I used ITK to read DICOM/Nifti files and to resample the volume.

Oops, posted as the wrong user. Just pretend I said that stuff.

Hi, it’s pretty cool, I am new to unreal and will you share the code for dicom process?

Great Job!
Could u tell me how did u Color the Volume?
Was it based on density gradient?
Please let me know even i am trying the same thing

@fischerc Hi, will you made it as a plugin and released it to the market? will purchase it

This is AMAZING!

I’ll just shamelessly plug my own raymarching project here. Recently released it as a plugin, feel free to try it out. Currently, you will have to convert DICOMs to MHD and then use those, but that will hopefully change soon.


Cheers, Tommy.

Hi any updates on your project? I’d be happy to purchase if this is production-ready.