Voxel Farm for UE4 confirmed!

Hey everyone,

I tweeted the guy behind Voxel Farm and I heard back. It is coming to UE4!

If you do not know what Voxel Farm is then go here. Gives a very good summary of the Voxel Farm engine.


Awesome! Such great news… if this becomes true I’ll finally be able to get back to my idea… :smiley:

Awesome! :smiley: Thx for sharing the information

VoxelFarm with the ability to bake the extracted mesh data to a static mesh would be really nice for level blocking out. Could replace the BSP type tools, and provide more organic/nicer results.

Second that! Would be quite nice. And would make modeling more fluid …

I didn’t see this first time around, can’t wait!

I’ve read at a couple different places that it costs roughly $50,000 to license VoxelFarm, so I don’t see it having an indie friendly price tag. We’ll see though.

Hey the folks behind voxel farm have updated their site. Indie License is incoming very soon. :slight_smile:

Check under pricing :smiley:

What is the price per developper ? it is a subscription ?

Keep your eyes on the webpage :smiley:

That is what I am doing.

Prices are out :slight_smile: and fairly reasonable!

Currently attempting integration! So far the examples are pretty clean and straight forward. Just emailed support, we will see how helpful they can be. It is a pretty small question. The documentation seems to be an overview at this point so all learning must be done from code reading. Luckily being an early adopter of UE4 has sharpened my “learn from code” skills.

Hey have you heard back and how is your experience with voxel farm?

Just curious :slight_smile:


anyone know when it will be compatible with Unreal Engine 4? or if it is already compatible?

Sorry for the delay. My “real” job got a little crazy and I didn’t have much time. To answer some questions.

Q: “Hey have you heard back and how is your experience with voxel farm?”
A: The guys at VoxelFarm have gotten back to me on my questions pretty quickly (usually around an hour).

Q: “anyone know when it will be compatible with Unreal Engine 4? or if it is already compatible?”
A: The library outputs vertices so it is compatible with anything. They are working on an official plugin (from what they told me).

Aaaaaaaaw sweet, this will make ’ Project Fate ’ blow destiny, halo, planetside 2 away in one blow, but even better it will be on android, and ipad, iphone, ipod, mac, linux, windows 10, say astalavista to hits being on consoles, as they just got burned by better portable titles, like ’ Project Fate ’ and many more to come. back on topic, this sounds epic.

I put much hope in VoxelFarm. Hope it will work well performance-wise and allow me to build ‘crazy’ fantastic environments. :slight_smile:

From my experience so far, the LOD popping is not bad in the demos. They seem to have the closer LODs fade in while the farther LODs fade out, this helps. As far as mobile goes they are certainly pushing the client/server model. So I believe a thin client on mobile is not out of the question. Running in Unity has been a pretty bad experience though. The Demo world they provide for unity runs fine, but when I create a world and run it I get some nasty hiccups (which I think is unity choking on all the allocs/deallocs). I have gotten the “bundles” from Voxel Studio loading into UE4 and UE4 seems to do a much better job. I need to work on loading the texture related shtuff.

Quicker! We need voxels for UE4 so bad!

Prices seem a bit high for me still …I don’t know about you other Indie devs but I don’t have $295 …after all the bills and stuff I get maybe $20 left each month…

I have a voxel engine for Unity and it doesn’t pop if you set things up correctly… and in Unity 5 64bit its even better…

The problem is that one wont work in Unreal Engine…