Voxel Engine- Work in progress

I’m making a new plugin called Voxel Engine for Unreal Engine. I’ll post updates here so keep scrolling. :slight_smile:

Discord: https://discord.playvoxward.com

Latest change:
Added multiple types of volumes.

Density Volume set to cut hole:

Density Volume set to fill area:


Looks great. Is this something you would be happy to share. I would love to see how you are doing it in c++

Looks brilliant!

Can’t wait for the “More info coming soon” :smiley:

This will be in the Marketplace when done :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Oh thats great. Look forward to seeing it in the store

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Time for an update! I’ve finished the Graph Editor so here it is. I’ll work on the styles later on :slightly_smiling_face:

Below is the result of the above graph.


I’ve made a discord channel for Voxel Engine where I’ll post updates. Feel free to join :slight_smile:

Can voxels be smoothed out? Like these beveled edges in Blender. Looks otherwise quite interesting.

Smoothed voxels are not available

Added the ability to add/remove cubes. Next I’ll make an asset which you can create in Content Browser to set textures and use that asset in graph.

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New Voxel Engine Cube Asset which can be created in Content Browser with your desired textures applied. This asset can be used in Graph to set the textures. In this screenshot, bottom left is an example grass asset I created with necessary textures assigned for each side. This asset can then be directly used in graph.

Added support for generating distance fields at runtime.

Mesh Field Representation:

Updated Voxel Engine Graph with new node styles, circuit connections and realtime viewport that renders a mini world whenever you make a change.

Added initial support for supporting Lumen GI and reflections. Below screenshot is the Lumen Scene View of a world generated by Voxel Engine.

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Refactored Voxel Engine Cube Assets. They now show a thumbnail and the asset itself includes a viewport with a procedural cube that updates real-time when you change properties. Users can set custom scalar parameters in material and drive those parameters from the Cube Asset. In this demo video, I added Albedo, Emissive textures and the viewport reflects the updates in real-time as I change emissive intensity. Finally when you press F5 key, the world will refresh with the new changes.


Voxel Engine Cube Assets can be easily placed in level using the set node and information about any cube can be fetched using the get node. Below screenshot shows an example setup of using Set Voxel Engine Cubic Asset from Hit node when left mouse button is pressed. Video shows how I switch between various cubes via 1, 2, 3 keys and placing them in world.

Added initial support for importing Magica Voxel vox assets. It has its own asset editor and renders the mesh as thumbnail. There is also a handy node to directly spawn Magica Voxel Object.


Planet rendering is now supported.


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Added initial support for Foliage